Vesseroth is just beginning to utilize spot protection with metal plates. Articulated plate armor has not yet been developed. Most knights and men-at-arms utilize mail armor with a helm of some sort. Subsequently, most weapons on Earth which were developed to penetrate plate armor (flails, warhammers, etc.) do not yet exist.

Bows and crossbows, while they exist, are thought of as hunting weapons, not as weapons of warfare. Massed archery against an enemy army is unknown, and would not be seen as chivalric by most kingdoms on Vesseroth. That being said, the following assisted missile weapons exist:

Crossbow, light
Longbow, composite

The following melee weapons are found:

Falchion, light
Falchion, heavy
Longsword (non-exotic, treat as bastard sword)
Mace, light
Mace, heavy
Sword, broad
Sword, short


Falchion, light: A one handed, chopping sword which resembles a high-quality machete. A light falchion does 1d8 damage, but does not thrust/stab. It is a bit sturdier than the basic one handed sword. It is a popular sword among men-at-arms.

Falchion, heavy: The two handed version of the falchion, it is a brutal chopping weapon, and does 2d6 damage.

Longsword: A sword most comfortably used in two hands, but can be used one-handed. It is a popular fencing weapon, and numerous schools and styles exist to explore and teach its use. It does 1d10 damage.

Mace: A club with a wood shaft and a nobbed metal head. A heavier weapon with spikes is a morningstar. It does 1d8 damage.

Morningstar: A two-handed wood club with a reinforced and spiked head. It does 1d10 damage.

Sword, broad: The one handed “longsword” per regular 3.5 rules. Called (more appropriately) the broad or arming sword to avoid confusion with the two handed longsword.


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