Prices and Coins

The common coin of Vesseroth is composed of silver. Gold coins of various weights exist, but are worth a tremendous amount, and do not usually trade hands at the street level. Carthag, in particular, uses the silver pence (or penny) as the base coin, and different amounts of pence have their own names. For historic reasons, twelve pence is one shilling, and twenty shillings (240 pence) is known as a pound. There is no special coin for the shilling or pound, they are simply ways of describing amount of coins. The pence can be divided up into pieces for lower cost items. A ha’penny will buy you a good meal (but not the drink to go with it.) A quarter of a penny is known as a farthing. An average worker makes a pence a day. A skilled worker may make two to five pence a day. The amount of coins / equipment a character starts with can be found here.

The following prices assume average quality in a reasonably competitive market. Unlisted items (clubs, slings, quarterstaff, for example) can reasonably be made by the character.

Crossbow, light – 6 shillings
Longbow – 5 shillings
Longbow, composite – 10 shillings
Shortbow – 4 shillings

Melee and Thrown Weapons:
Axe, battle – 8.5 shillings
Axe, hand – 6 shillings
Axe, throwing – 4 shillings
Dagger – 2 shillings
Falchion, light – 10 shillings
Falchion, heavy – 13 shillings
Javelin – 3 shillings
Lance – 10 shillings
Longspear – 6 shillings
Longsword (non-exotic, treat as bastard sword) – 14 shillings
Mace – 6.5 shillings
Morningstar – 4 shillings
Spear – 5 shillings
Sword, broad – 12 shillings
Sword, short – 7.5 shillings

Shield, buckler – 2 shillings
Shield, heater – 5 shillings
Shield, round – 3.5 shillings
Shield, tower – 8 shillings

Prices and Coins

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