Ossinerak is the first settlement on the lands known as Dallamar, It is located near the mouth of the Thanyld River, where it flows into Atrynn Bay. Ossinerak is the only port in Dallamar, and has a good, well-protected harbor.

Ossinerak has only been inhabited for seven years, and is still very much a frontier town. All of the structures in town are rough hewn from the massive fir trees which grow along this section of coastline. A few stone structures are being built, but the stone must be cut many miles inland and floated down the Thanyld River. There is a and earth and wood palisade wall around the town, but so far no threats have been turned away more serious than a wandering bear.

The town has no more than five hundred permanent residents, but people of importance on Dallamar are currently staying here.

Among the notables in Ossinerak are:

Lord Anyld Vaerdi – A noble from Carthag, who serves as the regional governor of Dallamar. Lord Anyld is a level headed man, but one who enjoys a good ale and a good story. He is a warrior of some skill, but knows some lore and songs.

The Honorable Lady Elsbeth Leileen – Also of a noble Carthag family, the Honorable Lady Elsbeth is a high ranking priestess of Verenos. While there are a number of priests to various gods on Dallamar, she is the highest ranking, and most look to her for guidance.

Master Jadyn Tate – A slight, almost dapper man, Jadyn Tate defies what people expect from a master smith. His meticulous nature makes him a fine smith, capable of crafting masterwork blades.


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