Dallamar is a recently discovered land, perhaps an entire continent, found east of Vesseroth. It was discovered nine years ago by Gren Dallam and is named for him. The passage between Vessaroth and Dallamar takes roughly three weeks on the fastest ships. The first permanent settlement, Ossinerak, was established six years ago.

Dallamar has revealed itself to have a rocky, inhospitable coastline. A few natural bays have been found, but they are separated by great distance. Much of the countryside is mountainous and very heavily forested. The land is cool, with mist and fog most of the year. Rain falls in prodigious amounts. This climate makes travel by ship along the coast dangerous.

Dallamar is uninhabited by any native peoples. Wildlife is abundant, and the rivers spawn with salmon, whitefish, and trout. Cod can be netted for off the coast by brave fisherman. Early efforts at farming have been successful, although the wet and cool climate limits grain production to rye and oats.

Dallamar has seen a steady influx of settlers and fortune seekers. The population is likely close to one thousand, and is mostly administered by Carthag, although no kingdom has yet officially laid claim to the land.


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