The Shores of Dallamar

Chapter 1.5
arrival in Ossinerak -- Vincen's Journal

We arrive in Ossinerak and the ship was saved from a horrible death upon the treacherous shores by Vince’s excellent hearing. after he guided the ship safely to the port using only his sense of hearing.
upon exit from the ship the group found a sailors bar…
After sharing a drink with the sailors… we met the Lord Anyld Vaerdi.

The lord invited us to spend the night in his great hall. During the conversation he offered us a job to go and check up on the Shepherds… during the conversation Vince learned that everyone else in the group was now are interested in doing what he planned.

Learning the land and becoming a guide… except Cookie-Cutter who seems to have an interesting relationship with kNell… who follows him and tries to take credit for his excellent ideas for making cash.

as we move across the cleared field we come upon a deep dark forest of pine trees which are immense…

just a few steps into the forest the damp and wet with gigantic ferns and moss. with huge holes in their roots systems… the pungent sent of pine and the sounds of animals that I can not recognize… after a few moments we see squirrels that are the size of the small man….
as we move forward the squirrels become very annoying. They are tawny with a black stripe down their side. CookieCutter wants to call them GiantStripedChipingSquirrels.

the Tonk finds some beatles captures one and lets it go.

we travel for a couple of hours while tonk and cookie examine the flora and fauna. Tonk improves his “clothes”

The spruce trees with Hemlock trees that are both roughly the same size…

While RyanMoon tried to name everything after himself… it became obvious to me that since Tonk was trying to gather pieces of the forest

we walk to seven miles on the trail and we notice that the sun is out..

after a short distance we come to a small clearing and Vince stops to try and figure out why there is no coverage from the trees… due to his supremely awesome senses he does not enter the clearing and when everyone catches up he points out the “JackBear” on the other side of the clearing… RyanMoon does an animal thing with the bear and sends it away… with its three cubs.

Cookiecutter started talking about worth of the bear pelt and we continue down the path…

The path turns toward the river and tracks right along the river… the river is very large – we realize that we are going toward a highlands … we can see to the east of the valley where there is an immense mountain range. the vistas are awe-inspiring and will make an excellent place to bring an artist for paintings to sell in the real cities…

The gradual climb that we have gone has added some elevation … we see the cows or oxen things… and realize that the very large herbivore is a prey animal… which causes some concern….
after another hour or so we come to a large clearing and find the Shepherds path.

Chapter One: Saeferd
Leaving for Dallamar

Saeferd: the capital of Carthag, and the busiest port on all of Vesseroth. What can be said here that has not been said better and more eloquently elsewhere? The stink of the streets, the hungry masses of beggars, the soaring spires, the deep harbor, and countless sailing ships; all of these things are conjured with the name Saeferd. Saeferd is less a place and more a gateway. And for you, it is the gateway to Dallamar.

Each of you has been called upon, or chosen by your own free will to venture to the distant shores of Dallamar. Each of you has your own reasons for making this voyage. Here, in Saeferd, may be your last chance to provision and equip yourselves. Your destination, Ossinerak, is by all reports a primitive town, and its resources are unknown.

Your passage has been booked. You are voyaging across aboard a small flotilla of ships Captained by Lorin Darcy. He is a seasoned and experienced mariner who has made this passage several times. You leave in three days.


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